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Herbert Macaulay

Olayinka Samuel Heelas Badmus Macaulay born on November 14, 1864 and died on 7th May, 1946, was a Nigerian nationalist, engineer, musician, politician and journalist . He was referred to by many Nigerians as the founder or father of Nigerian nationalism. He was born to Mr Thomas Babington Macaulay and Mrs Abigail Crowther in Lagos, Nigeria. Herbert’s father, Mr Thomas Babington founded the first secondary school in Nigeria, named Christian Missionary School (CMS) in Lagos. Herbert Macaulay an unlikely champion of the masses, because he, like his father, strongly oppose the British colonial rule and fought for the liberation of Nigerians. He agitated against the payment of water rates in 1915 and, as a leader of the Lagos auxiliary of the Antislavery and Aborigines Protection Society, led the opposition against government plans to reform land tenure arrangements in Lagos and Yorubaland.
Through his antigovernment activities ,Macaulay rose to preeminence in Lagos politics. He became very popular, and on June 24, 1923, he founded the Nigerian National Democratic Party(NNDP), the first political party in Nigeria, and the party won all the seats in the elections of 1923, 1928 and 1933. In 1944, he co- founded NCNC, National Council for Nigeria and the Cameroons, with Nnamdi Azikwe, this party was considered as the first national party in Nigeria.
Herbert Macaulay died and was buried at Ikoyi cemetery in Lagos on May 11, 1946.
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