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The Six Geopolitical Zones In Nigeria With Their States

Geopolitical zones in Nigeria

Nigeria is divided into six geopolitical zones which consist of states with close geographical location, similar history, cultures and political ideologies.

The six geopolitical zones in Nigeria were created during the military regime of President Ibrahim Babangida. Nigeria’s economic, political and educational resources are often shared across the zones. Below is a list of the zones and the states that fall under each of them.

1. NORTH CENTRAL (7 States)

Niger State, Kogi State, Benue State, Plateau State, Nassarawa State, Kwara State and the Federal Capital Territory.

2. NORTH EAST (6 States)

Bauchi State, Borno State, Taraba State, Adamawa State, Gombe State and Yobe State.

3. NORTH WEST (7 States)

Zamfara State, Sokoto State, Kaduna State, Kebbi State, Katsina State, Kano State and Jigawa State.

4. SOUTH EAST (5 States)

Enugu State, Imo State, Ebonyi State, Abia State and Anambra State.

5. SOUTH SOUTH  (6 States)

Bayelsa State, Akwa Ibom State, Edo State, Rivers State, Cross River State and Delta State.

6. SOUTH WEST (6 States)

Oyo State, Ekiti State, Osun State, Ondo State, Lagos State and Ogun State.

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  1. This really helped,sure I can ask a question?pls we have the north,East,West and South,what is the name of the countries or 0ceans closer to each of them?thank u

  2. Really, I like this; though it seems the Past teaches that it teaches nothing especially to the present Nigeria.Meanwhile, there is an attach ‘President Ibrahim Badamsi’ to your discussion. Is it actually BADAMSI …? Yup!

  3. Thumps up, this is visionary trail-blazing will impact on nigerian education for the better if applied properly with the right government contacts which i have and am very willing to be part of this vision and contribute to it’s progress in the small ways i can. My contact-08120103326 kip it up, my question- All natural resources found in nigeria and the states and local governments (the natural resources differentiated into solid,liquid & gas)

  4. Hello…. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I must say I am impressed. A little correction though, Check the spelling of Katsina again. Guess you missed it.

  5. am highly impressed with dis blog an its really educated me, but in regard to the comments I have gone through some do comments that the poster made a mistake especially who said he has omitted Ekiti from South west I think Ekiti is included take a look carefully, secondly some one has just said there is an error in spelling Katsina which is not he spelt it correctly and that’s how it suppose to be, glance it once more. thank you

  6. thanks a lot u just help me to do an assignment to my young sis. I would have fall my hands has an elder broda. thanks.

  7. Bro, i have no words to say apart from thanks,i really appreciate your effort.i need to be infacted with more knowledge, please for each zone which state is best interms of weather&cities?

  8. Well done. Plenty of patience and humility. Keep up this good work. Please include more research materials on our dear country. Thank you

  9. Thank you so much for all information you’ve provided here but are you sure we can find Iron Ore and Ajaokuta or ikptape

  10. Thank you so much for all information you’ve provided here but are you sure we can find Iron Ore at Ajaokuta or ikptape

  11. More grease to your elbow. for we are benefiting from the candle you burned during your studies. thanks once again!

  12. That’s a very good job,keep it up and thanks once again for sharing us more light based on our different geopolitical zones,within and outside…..

  13. There was never justice in the creation of this geopolital zone. This was done to remove some people from oil rich areas and there by bringing division among them.

    1. Hmmmmm. Everything has its good and ugly side. The division might not be proper, but still I think it’s helping this country a lot. Thank you for your visit and wonderful comment, Miss/Mrs Onyinye. Kindly do check back.

  14. Nigeria a country that other countries look upon. Our contribution to its development can make it great again. let have a change of attitude and mind failure. that great change begins with me… what about you.

  15. On the side of the geopolitical zone division. we should not be sentimental, it will give room for more and proper development of some state and the will be a checkmate to some who believe they are grater than others. let leave it this way and face next development.

  16. Very interesting and educative write up, honestly,I don’t know some of this geopolitical zones and the states under them as such, now I know, thanks.

    1. Is Buhari a patriotic Nigerian or President?
      We should tell ourself the truth, Buhari is not and he can never be a patriot.
      How many times has he went outside the country to take a laon for building and rebuilding Northern region.
      A President of 97 and 5% for those who voted and didn’t voted for him respectively, is such a person patriotic?
      Is that how a Country grow/ develop or unite with divers ethnic groups?

      1. yes buhari is patrotic, weather you like or not, because he is the one that always he trying to see naij progress unlike your previous leader ebele jonathan

  17. Good information but it’s interesting to know that South East one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria is having the least five (5) Isn’t that a big food for thought?

  18. I think it’s a wonderful idea I love the write up on the division. Pls keep it up also if possible add their different histories and cultures. Tanx

  19. well.
    am api to see a site which share and at the same time educate someone positively.
    God bless.

  20. It’s relevant but I feel there should be much clearer maps on each geopolitical zones, which will make it easy for users. Anyway thanks for the information.????????

      1. I see it useful to those that want to learn about other countries. I do that a lot! Thanks for your response. Stay blessed!

  21. You’re doing a great job here, especially those old tales from grandmas and grandpas. Thanks for doing justice to them, so that they don’t die in order to preserve our cultures.

  22. This is so cool
    As a secondary school student i find this very useful
    Tnxs to you Mr Opemipo am gonna get a 100% in my assignment
    Tnxs once again and more grease to your elbows
    Also cudos to you

  23. This shows how the north has been raping the south with their military dictators. Originally it was northern region and the south was western region, eastern region and mid-western region so out of one the northern region we have 20 (including FCT) states and out of four southern regions we have only 17 – what a daylight robbery. Now you know what they mean by Python Dance because the python disables its victim before swallowing it. The south should wake up.

  24. If it would be possible, I wish Nigeria is divided into six country with each geopolitical zone, a country. I think that will end the killings and cheatings in Nigeria. Nigeria is called one Nigeria only in words and never In deeds. For how long shall we continue deceiving ourselves?.

  25. Very good, not this alone but other oldnaija handout so to say has helped me a lot, the sky is your starting point.

  26. let us forget how they creat but what we need is love,dispine fearnest, tolerant & fear of God to move our country great.

  27. We sure need restructuring in this country,I never had an insight of why some elder states men from a specific geopolitical region clamour for restructuring bit now I see.I stand for restructuring….

  28. Nice one it is so exiting for the giographical way of life “”””””
    It. Very educated for current stair to the young onces.

  29. Nice to see this. Well-done for the work and if their is way you can create the map it will be much better. Thanks

  30. I salute your effort sir.
    My question is: if S/W is 6, S/S is 6 but S/E is 5. Why do we see S/S as minority despite it six sub-units but refer to the S/E as majority?
    I am Temidire Coker

  31. We really appreciate, for your contribution to the development of nigerian student.Nigeria is a one country and no body can devide it except almighty God,why can’t we come and cooperate our selves to remove anything has to do with partialism,selectionism and tribalism.So also to castigate any body find with one of each.This is the only way that we may have a very sustainable development in this country.
    Thank u once again nd God bless u.

  32. Thank you Mr Teslim, why did you say North central is the largest Zone? Remember that both North central and North West has the same number of state. I need an answer please

  33. thanks, it was helpful.. our lawmakers shoukd come read and digest this, most of them dont even know what they represent.. smushhhhhhh

  34. A Job Well Done!So Educative,In Spite Of This Division In Zones, We Should Not Forget That We Are All One.God Bless You….

  35. Point of correction; The six geopolitical zones were not created by the Ibrahim Babangida regime; it was under the regime of Gen. SANI Abacha in 1994.

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