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Download King Sunny Ade Songs Mp3

Download King Sunny Ade songs
King Sunny Ade

If you are looking for where to download King Sunny Ade songs, you are in the right place!

Chief Sunny Adeniyi Adegeye, popularly known as King Sunny Ade or K.S.A is unarguably the king of Juju music and one of the first African musicians to gain international recognition.

King Sunny Ade’s contributions to Juju music are immeasurable. He has not only shaped the genre but has also influenced countless musicians around the world. His dedication to preserving the rich cultural heritage of Yoruba music while infusing it with modern elements has made his work timeless.

Here, we’ve handpicked a collection of King Sunny Ade songs, ready for download. You can also download Best of King Sunny Ade Mixtape here.

Download King Sunny Ade Songs

1. Ara Ma Nfe Sinmi

Album – E Dide (Get Up). Release Year – 1995.

Download Ara Ma Nfe Sinmi

2. Mo Ri Keke Kan

Album – Odu. Release Year – 1998.

Download Mo Ri Keke Kan

3. Eri Okan

Album – Odu. Release Year – 1998.

Download Eri Okan

4. Ma Jaiye Oni

Album – Juju Music. Release Year – 1982.

Download Ma Jaiye Oni

5. Destiny

Album – Destiny. Release Year – 1988.

Download Destiny

6.  Easy Motion Tourist

Album – Odu. Release Year – 1998.

Download Easy Motion Tourist

7. Happy New Year

Album – Unknown. Release Year – Unknown.

Download Happy New Year

8. Suku Suku Bam Bam

Album – Seven Degrees North. Release Year – 2000.

Download Shuku Shuku Bam Bam

9. Ja Funmi

Album – Juju Music. Release Year – 1982.

Download Ja Funmi Mp3

10. Oro To Nlo

Album – Unknown. Release Year – Unknown.

Download Oro To Nlo Mp3

11. Ajo Ni Mo Re

Album – Ajoo. Release Year – 1983.

Download Ajo Ni Mo Re Mp3

12. Sunny Ti De

Album – Juju Music. Release Year – 1982.

Download Sunny Ti De Mp3

13. Kini Ma Fi Fun Ore Re (Oba Ogo)

Album – Unknown. Release Year – Unknown.

Download Oba Ogo

14. E Dide E Mujo

Album – E Dide (Get Up). Release Year – 1995.

Download E Dide E Mujo Mp3

15. Ekilo Fomo Ode

Album – Unknown. Release Year – Unknown.

Download Ekilo Fomo Ode Mp3

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  1. This is wonderful . History is the solution to many of issues in this country . If the Nigerian youth can be brought back to some of our historical roots , I am certain we can put away our negatives and come together to make or society great .
    Kudos Teslim . You are doing a wonderful job

  2. God bless you for things…will like to download k1 d ultimate old songs too…. U made me feel the old naija vibes…WONDERFUL WORKS

      1. this site is boring and and weak, I have trying to download KSA songs but is not even responding. I think this site is just showing list of songs nothing more than that

  3. Thanks for this beautiful old school songs but i still have’nt
    Find ma womi roro by olrlando can you please upolad that

  4. Have been searching for one of this ksa song… I dont know the title pls. I’ll just sing little.

    (Oni tibi bami lalejo un oti se yi si..kii jeyan kii je resi afomi ,omi ladun omi sororo ojo weliweli)
    Lol do i try? Can any1 give me d title pls.

  5. Weldon, Mr Teslim, good work from you,
    Please kindly help make Sir China Peters Songs Available,
    Thanks in Anticipation,
    God will multiply your strength and wisdom and resources in Jesus Name

  6. Thank you so much for this opportunity to be able to have access to these songs, I can’t wait to enjoy KSA Album! It brings me joy!

  7. Your site is cool and give beautiful memory.
    Will be needing the King Sunny ade song— Awuye Wuye. Thanks and keep the good job

  8. You have done really well bro. I can’t thank you enough. You are the best. Thank you for making these evergreeen songs available to us. Ko ni baje fun e o.

  9. This is great opportunity for me to come across this site and I have see a wonderful old collection especially King sunny Ade, please I have been trying to get one of the king sunny Ade music title :The return of juju king/sweet Banana, how do I get it in this site, thanks

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