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Full Details About The Electoral Commissions in Nigeria

Electoral commission in Nigeria
The history of the electoral commissions/ bodies in Nigeria can be traced back to the establishment of the first post-independence electoral commission in Nigeria, the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC), in 1960. Several electoral bodies have been set up after FEC
to conduct elections in Nigeria.
Here is a list of all the electoral commissions in Nigeria, their active years, chairmen and as well as the elections they conducted.
Electoral Commission | Date | Chairmen | Election(s) Conducted
1. Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) | (1960-1966) | Prof. Eyo Ita Esua (1964-1966) | Regional elections of 1964 and 1965
2. Federal Electoral Commission (FEDECO) | (Nov. 15 1976-1983) | Micheal Ani (1976-1979), Victor Ovie- Whiskey (1980-1983) | Federal elections of 1979 and 1983
3. National Electoral Commission (NEC) | (1987-1993) | Eme Awa (1987-1989), Humphrey Nwosu (1989-1993), Okon E. Uya (June 1993- Nov. 19 1993) | June 12 Presidential elections
4. National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (NEC) | (1994-1998) | Chief Sumner Dagogo Jack (1994-1998) | —
5. Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) | (1998 till date) | Ephraim Akpata (1998- Jan. 2000), Abel Guobadia (2000-2005), Maurice Iwu (2005- April 28 2010), Attahiru Jega (June 2010- October 2015), Prof. Mahmood Yakubu (Oct. 29 2015 till date) , 1999 Presidential election, 2003 Presidential election, 2007 Presidential election, 2011 Presidential election, 2015 Presidential election

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