Three Things To Do During A Visit To Jigawa State

Jigawa is the eighth-most-populous state in Nigeria. Located in the north-western geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Jigawa flawlessly blends culture with modernization to create an environment suitable for tourism.

Known mostly for its economic and social activities, tourism is yet to kick off in full force in Jigawa. If you have been dreaming of visiting, here are three things to do during a visit to Jigawa State.


Dutse International Airport, Jigawa State
Dutse International Airport – Nairaland Forum

Take a ride in the popular Keke Mai Kafa Uku (i.e. a white tricycle) and see the sights and sounds of Dutse, the capital city of Jigawa. Start with the Sawaba Monument in the Mallam Aminu Triangle which is akin to the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) in Lagos. Learn the story behind the names inscribed on the monument and their impact on the state of Jigawa. Then move on to the Dutse International Airport, if you didn’t get to the state by air.

Don’t forget to note the Gawo Tree that dots the environment around Dutse. These trees have a counter cycle to normal plants, blooming when other plants are shedding their leaves and vice versa. Also, enjoy the rock formations scattered around the city which makes it resemble the city of Abeokuta where Olumo Rock is domiciled.

If you don’t mind a road trip then make a visit to the Emir’s Palace in Dutse Gumel Kazaure or the Dyeing Pits in Ringim.


Minister of Information & Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed‎ at the Dutsen Mesa & Dutsen Habude rock site at Birni Kudu.
Minister of Information & Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed‎ at the Dutsen Mesa & Dutsen Habude rock site at Birni Kudu. – FMIC

Dutse in Hausa means rock. Not only is the city full of rock formations like the Dutse Rock Range, but other parts of the state are rocky too. In Birnin Kudu LGA, people go climbing up plateaus to see the Birnin Kudu Paintings (one of the oldest rock paintings in Nigeria that shows human civilization between the Neolithic and Metal ages).

Here, you can also see ancient rock gongs used to make music or act as warning bells back in the day. There is also the Range of Quasite Rocks in Roni LGA which is great for mountaineering and taking some great photos as a memorial of your time in Jigawa.


Royal Golf course and Nature park – Jumia Travel
Royal Golf course and Nature park – Jumia Travel

Jigawa has a lot to offer for eco-tourism. Looking for somewhere to engage in water activities like fishing or boating? Wawan Rafi Lake in Kakazure LGA is just the place. It has a holiday resort on the side with recreational facilities including a golf course.

Are you a bird watcher? The Baturiya Bird Sanctuary within the Hadejia Wetlands in Kiri Kassama LGA is just perfect for viewing migratory birds. You can also play golf and have a family picnic at the Royal Golf Course and Nature Park close to the Dutse City Centre.

The Royal Golf course comprises an amusement park, a golf course and a nature park. Here in 120 acres of fenced land, you get to see different tree species and wildlife like antelopes, camels, crocodiles, fishes and deer.

Last but not least is the chance to forest bathe in the Gwaram Forest Reserve.

Other places worthy of mention are the Dabar Magini Birds Sanctuary in Guri LGA, Garin Gabas-Ancient Settlement for cultural tourism, the Shadai Pool famed for its healing properties, Gwaram Ruins, and the Amaryawa Rock Ranges amongst others.

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