Idanre Hills – Heights of Wonders in Ondo State

Idanre Hills

Idanre Hills, also known as Oke Idanre, is one of the leading tourist destinations in Nigeria. It is located in Idanre town which is about 24 kilometres southwest of Akure, the capital city of Ondo State, Nigeria.

The wonderful Idanre Hills has been a home to the people of Idanre for over 150 years. History of Idanre has it that their early settlers lived high up in the hill in a place now known as Old Oke Idanre.

Idanre hills is a collection of inselbergs enclosing the rustic town of Idanre which covers a land area of about 900km2. Idanre town is full of many attractions which include the glamorous Orosun festival in which the natives of Idanre go to the hill to pray to their ancestors and celebrate

Idanre Hills is listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its physical features include shrines, palace, old court, Agboogun footprint and so on.

The 660 steps of Idanre hills

The Agboogun footprint was mystically engraved on the hill; it is said that the footprint will size any foot except that of witches and wizards. Tourists willing to reach the top of the Idanre hill will have to climb 660 steps with five resting posts. The entry fee to the Idanre hill is N1000.

Another mystery of the Idanre hills is the unreadable writings scribbled in an unknown language on a steep rock in Old Oke Idanre. This writing is called “The unreadable letters of the flood” and ingeniously known as “Adiye kowe, Oyinbo kaati” which is translated as “a white man cannot read the writings of a hen”.

Idanre Hills

The Idanre Hills is a wonderful place tourists and nature lovers should visit in a lifetime.

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