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Omashi Iyi Cave: Cultural Pride of Anambra State

Omashi Iyi Cave

Omashi Iyi cave is located in Anambra State, Nigeria. The cave, also known as the Shrine of Omashi-Iyi, is a sacred site and a home to Akpo, an oracle believed to have been protecting the natives of the state.

The Omashi Iyi cave comprises of compartments and narrow cracks on its surface and a long tunnel which is about 1km in length. The cave is a house to hundreds of bats which are believed to be sacred and have been dwelling there from time immemorial.

Omashi Iyi Cave

The sacred cave is located right in the middle of a semi-circular stream which flows to form a pool at the entrance of the cave. There is also the presence of tall bamboos which spread across the site giving it a more sacred look.

Every year, sacrifice is offered by a priest to appease the gods and ask for their blessings.

The cave is visited by people from every part of the country.

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