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8 Local Words That Have The Same Pronunciation And Meaning In Yoruba And Edo Languages

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History has it that the Yoruba and Edo ethnic groups of western Nigeria have related origin and similar elements in their cultures and traditions which is clearly evident in so many ways ranging from their pre-colonial political systems to the languages they speak.

Besides being geographically bounded, the Yoruba and Edo people believe that they are related by blood and therefore refer to one another as brother. It is worthy of note that the Edos are also known as Benins. You can see a comprehensive list of all tribes in Nigeria here. 

Below is a list, inspired by Zikoko, showing eight local words that have the same pronunciation and meaning in both Yoruba and Edo languages. Enjoy.


1. Oba

This word mean king in both Yoruba and Edo/Benin languages. A king in Yoruba land is referred to as Oba, for example, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III (Alaafin of Oyo) while this is also the same in Edo land, for example, Oba Ovoramwen Nogbaisi.

2. Baba

Baba mean father in both Nigerian languages.

3. Yeye

Just like baba, this mean mother in both Nigerian languages. Besides the having same pronunciation and meaning, high reverence is given to the word and its bearer in the cultures of both tribes.

4. Omo

This is a word meaning child in the two languages.

5. Ogede/Oghede

This mean plantain or banana in both Yoruba and Edo but in some cases, the edo spelling carry ‘h’ while that of the Yorubas never.

6. Bata

This mean footwear in Yoruba and Edo. Edo people sometimes call it ibata.

7. Igbo

This is a Yoruba and Edo word meaning bush.

8. Enu

Mouth is called enu in both languages.


Do you know any other word you can add to the list? Kindly add it using the comment box below and don’t forget to share.

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  1. Mouth is Unu not Enu in Benin, mother is Iye not Yeye. Bata was derived from the Portuguese. Oba was introduced be the Benin far long before the Yorobas started using it. Edo and Yorobas share similarities but a lot far from each other’s traditions, culty and custom.

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