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Why the sun and moon live in the sky | Nigerian Folktale

Once upon a very long time, sun and water were very close friends and both lived on the earth. Sun used to visit water very often but water never visited sun. So, one day, the curious sun asked water why he had never visited him in his house, and water replied, “If I visit you my friend, I will drive you out of your house because I go everywhere with my large family“. Sun insisted that water should visit him with his large family, and water therefore warned sun to build a very large compound that can accommodate him and his enormous family.Sun was overjoyed that water agreed to visit him. When he got home, he told his wife, moon, that water will pay them a visit very soon and so they have to build a very large compound for him and his family. The next day, sun and his wife, moon, built a very large compound which the think would be more than enough to take in water and his family. After building the compound, sun told water to pay him a visit the next day.

Why the sun and moon live in the sky
On the following day, water arrived with his unimaginable large family. He called unto sun and asked if it would be safe for him to enter. Sun replied, “yes my friend. You can come in“. Then water began to flow in with his family which comprises of different kinds of fishes and other aquatic animals.
When water flowed in to a stage where he was above the knees, he asked again, “my friend, sun, is it still safe to enter?” The sun also replied, “Yes it is! Come in“. Water continued flowing in and when he was above the head level, sun and moon had to climb their roof to avoid drowning. Again water asked if he should continue flowing in because a large part of his family was still outside, and when he received the same response from sun, he began to rush in at a great spate. Sun and moon had no place to stay anymore and so were forced to climb the sky where they live till today.
This is why the sun and the moon live in the sky.
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