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Obaledo and the beauty-thief monster | Nigerian Folktale

There was a time in an Igbo village when monsters torment little children and teenagers at night. The villagers tried to capture and kill these monsters but all their efforts ended up in vain. In this same village, a beautiful girl named Obaledo lived with her parents. She was very beautiful that princes from faraway lands competed to win her heart.
One day, Obaledo’s parents traveled to the next village and left her yam and snail to eat. Her parents warned her not to leave the house at night because of the dangerous monsters that roam the village. They also warned her to roast the yam before the snail because the water from the snail would quench the fire.
One night, when Obaledo’s parents were away, she became very hungry and made a fire with the last matchstick in the house. Obaledo roasted the snail first because of her lust for meat. The water from the snail quenched the fire and so, she couldn’t roast the yam. Still hungry, she disobeyed her parents and went out of the house to collect a matchstick from a neighbor. On her way she met a very ugly monster that steals beauty from young girls. She tried to run but she couldn’t move her legs. The monster stole her beauty and left her with its ugliness.
Since that day, the beautiful Obaledo who was once the talk of the village now became the ugly girl no one wanted to marry.
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