How The Tortoise Dealt With The Monkey | Nigerian Folktale

monkey and tortoise
The Tortoise and the Monkey

Long ago in the animal kingdom, the tortoise and the monkey were very good friends until a day when the monkey cheated the tortoise who got angry and swore to make him pay. The monkey laughed at the tortoise and said, “how can you make me pay for cheating you? You are so small and too slow to deal with someone as big and fast as me“. The tortoise got more angry and promised to deal with the monkey at all cost.

The tortoise went home and immediately told his wife, Yanibo, to make some sweet bean cakes. His wife obeyed him and made the sweetest been cake ever. The tortoise was so glad; he wrapped the bean cakes and dashed off to the lion’s house.

The tortoise met the lion having an evening nap. He woke him up and the lion got so angry that the tortoise disturbed his nap but was also glad and excited when he perceived the aroma of the bean cakes the tortoise brought to his house. The tortoise offered the lion some bean cakes which he gladly accepted and ate hurriedly. The lion licked his fingers and asked the tortoise where he got such sweet bean cakes. The tortoise who had been waiting for that moment quickly replied the lion that they were not bean cakes but the monkey’s feces. He told the lion further that the monkey is very stubborn and will not excrete sweet feces unless he is seriously beaten. The lion requested for more bean cake but the tortoise refused to give him and so the lion dashed off looking for the monkey.

The monkey was whistling a tune at the bottom of a tree when the lion saw him. The lion quickly jumped on him and grabbed his neck then demanded that he should excrete sweet feces for him to eat. The monkey was surprised and confused, and he told the lion that he has never in his life excreted sweet feces. The lion got angry and then remembered the tortoise’s words. He started beating the monkey mercilessly till he was at the point of death.

The tortoise who had been watching all the while came out of his hiding place and started mocking the monkey. It was at this point that the lion knew the tortoise had been lying. He left the already battered monkey and went away. The tortoise then said to the monkey, “I told you I will make you pay, didn’t I?” The weak monkey could not utter a word but groaned in pain. The tortoise laughed and went to his house.

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