Lagos Times and Gold Coast Colony Advertiser

Lagos Times And Gold Coast Advertiser_OldNaija

The Lagos Times and Gold Coast Colony Advertiser was the third newspaper established in Nigeria. It succeeded Anglo African of Robert Campbell and Iwe Irohin of Rev. Henry Townsend. The newspaper was established on Wednesday, 10th November, 1880 by Mr. Richard Olamilege Beale Blaize and was edited by Mr. Andrew M. Thomas and Mojola Agbebi. The 6 pence newspaper was printed fortnightly and was mainly concerned with the burning issues and matters of the period.
The newspaper was the first to decry the extravagance of the colonial government in one of its editions published in 1881. The newspaper was harsh on many of the policies and actions of the colonial government of the time. The newspaper also criticized the executive and legislative council which had no African as one of its members. It also prophesied that a day would come when Nigerians would be left to govern themselves, and the prophesy came to pass on October 1, 1960 when Nigerian gained her independence from the British government.
The newspaper went out of circulation on October 24, 1883, but reappeared seven years later as a weekly newspaper but with little success.


Further Reading:

* History And Development Of Mass Media In Nigeria – Ifedayo Daramola, Ph.D, 2013


5 thoughts on “Lagos Times and Gold Coast Colony Advertiser

  1. Wonderful piece. I could totally use this, but I’d please like to know if the paper came back as LAGOS TIMES & GOLDCOAST COLONY ADVERTISER, or the name was changed when it came back in 1890. I’d also like to know why the paper crashed in 1883.


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