The National Flag and Coat of Arms of Nigeria

Nigerian Flag
The national flag of Nigeria was designed in 1959, a year before the independence of Nigeria, by Mr Michael Taiwo Akinkumi, as at then he was still a student in London. Several designs were presented, almost 3000, but the one designed by Mr. Taiwo Akinkumi was chosen. On October 1, 1960, Queen Elizabeth II of England handed over the flag to Nigerian leaders through Princess Alexandra who represented her atthe ceremony marking the independence of Nigeria. The national flag was designed in white and green colours. The white colour stands for peace and the green colour stands for agricultural land. Although the original design of the flag bears a red quarter sun on the white stripe as a symbol of divine protection and guidance, but this was removed by the committee.

The Coat Of Arms

The Coat of Arms is a design on a shield used by countries or stated as a special or personal symbol.
In 1960, different coat of arms was used by the three region, the Northern, Western and the Eastern region. When the Mid- Western region was created, it also made provision for its own coat of arms, increasing the number to four. When Lieutenant Col. Yakubu Gowon, the then Head of State created 12 states out of the four regions, each state had its own coat of arms. In 1975, the Federal government put an end to the use of different coat of arms. The country adopted a single coat of arms which will serve as a symbol of unity. The shield symbolises the earth of Nigeria which is black in colour. The wavy bands which are painted in silver colour an the shield represent the River Niger and the River Benue, the two horses, which are white, stands for dignity. The ground on which the bearing stands has a “coctus spectablis” which is a common wild flower in Nigeria. The bird, an Eagle, represents strength.
Nigeria coatof arms
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