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Download Old Nigerian Highlife Songs – DJ Mix

Download old Nigerian highlife songs

Are you looking for where to download old Nigerian highlife songs – DJ mix? You have come to the right place.

Highlife is a type of West African music and dance that originated in Ghana in the late 19th century and later spread to Nigeria in the 1930s. The popularity of highlife spread inland and east along the coast, with a particularly large following in Nigeria.

Nigerian highlife music has played a significant role in Nigeria’s cultural and musical scenes since it became widely accepted in the country in the 1960s. 

Below, you can stream and download old school Naija highlife Dj mixtape – free mp3 produced by DJ Cheche.


  1. Victor Olaiya – Mofe Muyan
  2. King Sunny Ade – Ekilo fomo ode
  3. Dele Abiodun – Baba wa gbo ebe omore
  4. Osita Osadebe – Ka Anyi Jikota
  5. Victor Olaiya – Ilu le o
  6. Orlando Owoh – Money for hand
  7. Victor Uwaifor – Guitar Boy
  8. Fatai Rolling Doller – Won kere si Number
  9. Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe – Osondi Owendi
  10. Ebenezer Obey – Ore mi ese Pele
  11. Victor Uwaifo – Joromi
  12. Ebenezer Obey – Ori mi koni buru

Download old Nigerian Highlife songs DJ Mix


Highlife experienced a significant transformation after its acceptance in Nigeria. Syncopated (displaced-accent) guitar melodies were combined with asymmetrical drum rhythms from traditional Yoruba drumming techniques to accompany songs sung either in Yoruba or English.

Igbo highlife musicians were also at the forefront of these transformations. They gave highlife a distinct sound with the acoustic blending of vocals with rich instrumentation like ogene, ichaka, and oja, as well as guitar or piano.

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