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Download E Dide E Mujo by King Sunny Ade

Download E Dide E Mujo by King Sunny Ade

If you are looking for where to download E Dide E Mujo Mp3 by King Sunny Ade (KSA), you have come to the right place. King Sunny Ade released E Dide E Mujo in 1995 under the album – E Dide (Get Up).

Chief Sunny Adeniyi Adegeye, popularly known as King Sunny Ade or simply K.S.A is unarguably the king of Juju music and one of the first African musicians to gain international recognition.

In his early days, Sunny Ade played highlife, a type of urban dance music that emerged in Ghana in the late 19th century and blended elements of church music, military brass-band music and various local African traditional beats.

Download E Dide E Mujo by King Sunny Ade

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You can download other Sunny Ade’s songs here. In recent times, hip hop music appears to be holding sway with the electronic media in Nigeria with massive airplay.

Nonetheless, Sunny Ade’s musical output has continued to inspire a vast generation of other Nigerian musicians, who believe in the big band musical set up which Sunny Adé and late Fela Kuti are noted for.

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