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Download Nigerian Throwback Songs – Early and Late 2000s

Download Nigerian Throwback Songs

If you are looking for where to download Nigerian throwback songs, you have come to the right place!

These tracks encapsulate the dynamic and memorable music scene of the 2000s, with their infectious beats and enduring appeal. Whether you’re reliving the past or discovering these classics for the first time, these songs remain a testament to Nigeria’s musical heritage.

Below are the top Nigerian songs in the early and late 2000s, carefully handpicked for you and readily available for download.

Download Nigerian Throwback Songs

Wale Thompson – Lalale Friday

Download Lalale Friday

Eedris Abdulkareem- Jaga Jaga

Download Jaga Jaga

Tony Tetuila ft. 2face & Ruff Rugged N’ Raw- Omode Meta

Download Omode Meta

D’Banj – Why me

Download Why Me

Sunny Neji – Tolotolo

Download Tolotolo

P-Square – Bizzy Body

Download Bizzy Body

9ice – Little Money

Download Little Money

Paul Play Dairo – Mo so rire

Download Mo So rire

9Ice – Wedding Day

Download Wedding Day

Zule-Zoo – Kerewa

Download Kerewa

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  1. This site is doing a great job and thumbs up to them for that but i am looking for one song that was sang by azadus, i cant remember the title but there is this line in the song i do remember which is “why dont you let me go ohh, oh oh ohh”

    1. Thank you for your visit and kind words, dear Miss/Mrs Vivien. Yes you can. There is another collection of oldies here on OldNaija. Kindly browse through the related posts at the bottom of this collection. More songs will be added too, very soon. Kindly do visit again

  2. Who sang…..make dem no think no think no think am at all make dem no think think think no think am at all.he don as I dey do am Baba god done sign am………pls I want to download the song

  3. Teslim, well done on this and thank you so much. I’m a DJ and your list has helped me juice up my library. Thumbs up to you

  4. Good morning, after searching for Nigerian oldies for long I stumbled on oldnaija so far it has been giving me great inspiration, I love the oldies than now , it may be ridiculous, thanks to the own of this blog for thinking about the oldies even the articles make me want to read history 🙂..

    I want to take permission to post some of your music’s on my website… expect my mail soon.

  5. How can I download this song please! Bamijo o franko tie tie Bamijo o, if u love me, make u Bamijo ọ. Please

  6. I don’t know who sang thus nigerian dancehall song in the early to mid 1990s but one line I can pick is “Fire in my body, there is fire in my body”. Hero hero hero. Don’t know really. The person sings lke Fada u Turn or Baba Fryo but I’ve checked all their music but can find it. Also, I want to listen to Paine Paine song that a baby will be crying. The music was a hit in late 1990s and early 2000s. Please sir

  7. This is very fantastic! So much irreplaceable memories in one place! Good old days! Great job bro. I am truly inspired by such dedication.

  8. Wow, you guys are doing a great job, kudos to you and May God bless your hustles. Pease Teslim get the original version of “Nigeria my beloved country ” by Funmi Adams, and I also want you to get the songs of the duo “Candy n Blocker”. Thanks and God bless you.

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