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Download Lee Lee by Resonance (With Lyrics)

Download Lee Lee by Resonance

Looking for where to download Lee Lee by Resonance free mp3? You are in the right place.

The Resonance group was founded in 2006 by Esther Olaedo Iyizoba (formally Ebigbo), better known as Estar and her cousin, Uche Ozoigbo, professionally known as Gucheano.

Resonance gained popularity following the release of their debut album, “Chinwe Ike” (God is great). They sold many copies of the album in Nigeria and other countries. Lee Lee is one of the hit tracks on the album. Below, you can stream and download Lee Lee by Resonance free mp3 with lyrics.

Download Lee Lee – Resonance


Tutup tutup tutup (4x)

Yesterday I asked my mama
Mama could you please tell me the road from here
That I could take
She said
Lee lee (5x) lekene mo sochi ma e (2x)

In my days as I could see
All of my potentialities
Hang like a spell in my dreams
I need to spring back I….
I need reality

Lee lee (5x) lekene mu oh!
Sochi ma e (echo)
Lee lee (7x) lekene mu oh

Nem anya, anom ebe a
Chukwu muo nso
Gbadata e
Echezokwana nwa gi e
Onye nwem o
Gbapute mu e


Is it just a waste of time
To hope and dream and fantasize
I guess its time to realise
All I have got inside oh..

Lee lee (5x) lekene mu o
So chi ma eh
Lee lee (7x)

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