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Download Dr Of Diet – Gbenga Adeboye Comedy

Download Dr Of Diet by Gbenga Adeboye
Gbenga Adeboye

If you are looking for where to download Dr Of Diet Mp3 by Gbenga Adeboye, you have come to the right place. You can download other Gbenga Adeboye comedies here.

Popularly known as Funwontan, Gbenga Adeboye was a legendary comedian, master of ceremony and radio presenter who ruled the radio space during his prime. He was born on the 30th of September, 1959 at Odeomu, a town in Osun State, Nigeria.

His programme on Radio Lagos earned him the nickname Funwontan in the early 1980s. Other notable nicknames of Gbenga Adeboye include Alaye mi Gbengulo, Abefe, Alhaji Pastor Oluwo, Jengbetiele, Itu baba Ita.

Download Dr Of Diet by Gbenga Adeboye


He released a total of six albums between 1990 and 2003. His style was composing songs on one side and crafting comedy on the other. He preached on tracks like Yoruba Ronu and joked on tracks like Itu Baba Ita.

He was a ventriloquist who could mimic nearly twenty voices during a set. And all of these he did effortlessly. He combined his radio career with comedy, often teasing his fans by delivering strings of jokes that he promised to complete on his next album.

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