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Download The History of The Yorubas by Samuel Johnson (Pdf)

Download the history of the yorubas by samuel johnson Pdf

If you want to download The History of The Yorubas by Samuel Johnson in Pdf format, you are in the right place.

This is a well-detailed book about the origin, history and traditions of the Yoruba ethnic group of Southwestern Nigeria.

Titled “The history of the Yorubas: From the earliest times to the beginning of the British Protectorate”, the book was written by renowned historian, Samuel Johnson, and published in 1921 by C.M.S. (Nigeria) Bookshops. Below you can download the book in pdf format.

Download The History of The Yorubas by Samuel Johnson PDF

Book Description

Samuel Johnson (1846–1901) was an Anglican minister and historian renowned for his magisterial history of the Yoruba people. Born in Freetown in Sierra Leone and educated by the Church Missionary Society, Johnson was sent with his family to Ibadan in Nigeria in 1857.

Rev. Samuel Johnson

He was ordained in 1880 and by 1897 had finished the manuscript for The History of the Yorubas. However, the original publisher mysteriously misplaced the manuscript. After Johnson’s death his brother, Dr Obadiah Johnson, recompiled the text from Samuel’s notes.

This volume, first published in 1921, contains that reconstructed edition. This pioneering volume brought together various oral and recorded accounts of Yoruba history, describing not only political history but also social customs, language and laws. Although recent analysis of the text has revealed some inaccuracies, this volume remains the standard reference for the history of the Yoruba people.

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