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Ere Lawa Se

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Abanise Ni Oluwa

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Challenge Cup 82

Download Challenge Cup 82 – Salawa Abeni

Jomi Jomi

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Download Depe

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Salawa Abeni - Queen of Waka Music

Salawa Abeni, since the late 70s, been the acknowledged modernizer and leader of the women’s vocal and percussion style known as waka, a close relative of the male-dominated juju, apala, and fuji music.

She walked into the Lagos offices of the local Leader recording label and asked to be allowed to play a demo tape. Treating the young girl’s request as something of a joke, the owner promised to listen to the tape later, put it away in his desk, and promptly forgot about it.

A few months later, visiting the nearby town of Epe, he saw hundreds of people lining up for admission to a social function where a 10-year-old girl was singing.

Curious, he went along, to find Abeni, the girl who had visited him in his office, singing in a compelling and precociously mature voice.

With her parents’ permission, he took her into the studios to record her debut, Late Murtala Muhammed, a tribute to the recently assassinated head of state, which became one of the bestselling Nigerian releases of 1976.

In 1977, Abeni formed her own group, the Waka Modernizers, and by 1980 was one of the most successful artists in Nigeria.

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