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Download Notable Salawa Abeni Songs (Waka Mp3)

Download Salawa Abeni Songs Mp3

Download Salawa Abeni songs in Mp3 format for free and enjoy the best Waka Music has to offer.

Salawa Aben Alidu, popularly known as Queen Salawa Abeni, is by no doubt a legendary Waka musician. She began her professional career in waka music when she released her debut album, Late General Murtala Ramat Mohammed, in 1976, on Leader Records.

Waka is a kind of Islamic-influenced, traditional Yoruba music style. Salawa Abeni was crowned “Queen of Waka Music” by the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi in 1992.

Below, you can download Salawa Abeni songs. We have compiled 20 of her notable Waka songs, enjoy.

Download Salawa Abeni Songs Free Mp3

Gentle Lady

Download Gentle Lady by Salawa Abeni



Orin Tiwa

Download Orin Tiwa


Download Beware

Indian Waka

Download Indian Waka

Waka Carnival

Download Waka Carnival

Experience (Track 1)

Download Experience (Track 1)

Experience (Track 2)

Download Experience (Track 2)

Emi Oni Sin Won Wa

Download Emi Oni Sin Won Wa

Congratulations (Track 1)

Download Congratulations (Track 1)

Congratulations (Track 2)

Download Congratulations (Track 1)

Omi Laye Ibadan

Download Omi Laye Ibadan – Salawa Abeni

Oba Ayeraiye

Download Oba Ayeraiye

Iba Omode Iba Agba

Download Iba Omode Iba Agba – Salawa Abeni

This is Waka Music (1995)

Download This is Waka Music (1995)

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