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Download Soyoyo by Musiliu Haruna Ishola Mp3

Soyoyo by Musiliu Haruna Ishola


Soyoyo was released in the year 2000 by the king of Apala music, Musiliu Haruna Ishola and it sent people dancing wild. Soyoyo is one of the hit tracks in the album of the same name. Below you can stream and download Soyoyo by Musiliu Haruna Ishola.

Musiliu Haruna Ishola

Musiliu Haruna Ishola is often credited with revitalizing the apala genre and spearheading the apala-resurgence of the 2000s. With his 2000 album (Soyoyo), Musiliu has succeeded in bringing apala music to a wider, younger audience, thus breathing new life to the genre and keeping the tradition (and his father’s legacy) alive.

He is credited with re-popularizing a genre that was fast becoming the preserve of older Muslims of the Yoruba tribe. The success of his album meant that a younger (often Christian or Animist) generation of Yorubas have now demonstrated a renewed interest in apala music. His songs can often be heard on popular radio stations across Yorubaland.


Apala is a music genre originally developed by the Yoruba people of Nigeria, during the country’s history as a colony of the British Empire. It is a percussion-based style that originated in the late 1930s. The rhythms of apala grew more complex over time, influenced by Cuban music and eventually became quite popular in Kannada. It has grown less religious centred over time.

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