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Download Konko Below by Lagbaja (With Lyrics)

Download Konko Below by Lagbaja

Konko Below is one of the hit songs released by Bisade Ologunde, popularly known as Lagbaja, during the peak of his musical career. The song was included in his album titled “Me” which he released in 2005.

Bisade Ologunde adopted the name Lagbaja (meaning ‘anonymous’ or ‘faceless one’ in Yoruba) as he embarked on his career in the early 90s.

His name was reflected in his choice of stage attire – a silted textile and rubber mask adopted so that the artist represented the ‘common man’ in keeping with the carnival tradition of his Yoruba ethnic group.

Konko Below had Nigerians dancing wild. Below you can stream and download Konko Below by Lagbaja and as well read the lyrics.

Download Konko Below by Lagbaja Mp3

Download Konko Below

Konko Below Lyrics

Pade mi ni’sale ele le le le
Arigi di, arigi di
Ah, thunder, Atoto pato
Atoto pato pato wo
Ah thunder

Ose bata,

E pade Mi ni’sale e le le
E pade mi ni’sale e e
E pade Mi ni sale
E pade mi ni

Konko below x 4

Ah, thunder
Ah onibata yi o kare, eee

Sebi Naija ni e o
Sisi O se wa n gb’ese
Bi oyinbo o
O sa mo’ru e Sisi O se wa npajo lekun
Bi oyinbo o

Owo gba’lesha
Ese gba Port Har
Ori wa Nfi dugbe dugbe Bi agama

Konko below x2
Ah, thunder

Ibadi ni’jo wa
E gbe jo, Ibadi ni’jo wa
E gbe, e gbe
E gbe jo o, Bere mo’le
E gbe jo , Isaleele
Ele gangan gangan E gbe jo o

Konko below x 2
Ah, Pade mi ni’sale

People are you ready
To do something freaky
To get busy

Better watch your waist now, ‘cos we’re
Going right down
To the floor now, Meet me right down

Down x 8

Get into the groove, baby
Let me see you move honey
Let me see you dance

See you move x 2
Aaaaa Ijo ya o, Ijo ya o, Lagbaja

Konko Below x 4

Get on down (Under)
Omoge Campus Je’n r’owo e loke
Na’ka e s’oke
Owo kan pere

E ko mo’le x 2

Omoge campus
Ah, Get on down, (Under)
Ijo ti ya
Konko below

Pade mi ni’sale
Aaa, pade mi ni’sale
E pade mi ni konko below

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