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Download Haruna Ishola Songs (Mixtape Mp3)

Download Haruna Ishola Songs

Haruna Ishola Bello is a well-known figure in the world of apala music. Haruna Ishola was Born in 1919 at Ijebu Igbo Ogun State. He died in 1983. Apala master, Alhaji Haruna Ishola, makes a powerful impression with his kind of apala music. Below you can download Haruna Ishola songs in a mixtape. Enjoy!

This mixtape contains the following Songs:

  • Soyoyo
  • Sule Maito
  • Soyoyo Sisi Awelorun
  • Erin onihun se nile
  • Omititanikoko
  • Kise Tenu
  • Kafowo Komo Niwe
  • Late Owonifari
  • Late Matthew Toye
  • Ganiyu Ajimobi
  • Abanije Koni Gbayi
  • Late Giwa Abudu Benson
  • Gani Alarape
  • Enu Dun Rofo
  • Pariboto Riboto
  • Pegan-Pegan
  • Kosi ninu eiye
  • Ewure Ile Komo Iye Ode
  • Kosi Eniti Yio Pa Obo
  • Lade Iwalewa
  • Bonsue
  • Kaka Korewa
  • Kolododo Ope
  • Oroki Social Club
  • Ewure ile komoniyi
  • Oroki Social Club Medley Part 1
  • Oroki Social Club Medley Part 2
  • Kolawole Adeshina
  • Late Muritala Mohammed Medley Part 1
  • Esu Ase Koko to Laja Wale
  • Ina Ran
  • Ko Si Ninu Eiye

And More……

Download Haruna Ishola songs

Download Haruna Ishola Dj Mixtape part 1 ( 55.04 Mb)

Play Here

Download Haruna Ishola Dj Mixtape Part 2 ( 83.39 Mb)

Play Here

NB – Do not confuse Haruna Ishola Bello for his son, Musiliu Haruna Ishola.

Born in the town of Ijebu-Igbo to the family of Bello Adeleye, Ishola lost his father when he was a young boy and later lived with a family friend, Yusuf Black who worked as a goldsmith. Ishola originally trained as a goldsmith under Black and took on music as a hobby.

In 1947, when he was 28 years old, he moved to Osogbo and formed his first group. Ishola’s first album in 1948, Late Oba Adeboye (The Orimolusi Of Ijebu Igbo) released under His Masters Voice (HMV), was a commercial flop, but his relentless touring gave him a reputation as the most in-demand entertainer for parties among the wealthy Nigerian elite.

In 1955, a rerecorded version of his 1948 album was released following the death of Oba Adeboye in an incident in an air accident on BOAC operated Argonaut G-ALHL, the re-released record soon raised his profile. Haruna Ishola began recording apala numbers in about 1955, and soon became the most popular artist in the genre and one of the most respected praise singers in Nigeria. Ishola adapted and stuck to a strong traditionalist approach, citing both Yoruba proverbs and Koranic scripture in his songs, and introducing no Western instruments into his musical lineup.

Before the end of the 1950s, he introduced shekere into his music and recorded a song in 1960 under Decca records titled Punctuality is the soul of Business. In 1962, he recorded his first LP, the LP has two sides with five songs on each side. Three of the five songs on side A were in praise to prominent people. On side B, are singles Mo so pe moku and Ika Ko Wunwon.

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