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Breathtaking Photos From The 2018 Igue Festival In Edo State


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As Egungun festival is to the Yoruba ethnic group and Durbar festival, to the Hausa/Fulani people, so is Igue festival to the Bini people of Edo State, Nigeria.

Igue festival is one of a kind out of the many festivals in Nigeria. It is originally celebrated to renew the powers of Oba Ewuare, the paramount ruler of Edo Kingdom. According to a part of Edo tradition, it also marks the union of Oba Ewuare and a woman named Ewere.

This colourful festival is celebrated every December by the reigning Oba and his subjects to mark the end of the Benin year and as a thanksgiving to the outgoing one. Read more about the festival here. Below are beautiful photos from the 2018 celebration of the Igue Festival in Edo State.

Oba Ewuare at 2018 Igue Festival 2018 Igue Festival 2018 Igue Festival 2018 Igue Festival 2018 Igue Festival




2018 IgueFestival

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