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Male Idoma Names And Their Meanings

Idoma children
Idoma children / ©Idoma Voice

The Idoma people are one of the most popular ethnic groups in Nigeria with their beautiful culture and traditions. They are the second largest ethnic group in Benue State, Nigeria, with an estimated population of about 3.5 million. Provided below are over 100 Idoma names for boys and their meanings in English language. You can check female Idoma names here.

Male Idoma Name – Meaning In English

Abahi – Enjoyment

Aboh – War Lord

Abutu – Descendant of Utuoja

Adaebo – Father is shield

Adah – Father of nations

Adakole – Father of the house

Adam – My Father

Adama – Father’s favourite

Agaba – Lion

Agbenu – Treasure/ Wealth/ Riches

Agbo – Property

Agwu – Giant

Ajeh – Land

Akoche – Mine /My own

Akogwu – War Hero

Akor War – Leader

Akum – Mine

Alechenu – Unexpected

Ameh – Everything comes to an end

Anyebe – Victory

Apeh – Protector

Apochi – Strength

Edache – Kind or type of people

Egba – Joy/ Victory

Eghahi’kowoicho – The beauty of God

Eje – Tiger

Ekere – Overcomer

Ek’oche – Mine

Ekoja – Born in the market

Ekondu – Belongs to God

Eko’ondu Gbe – The lord’s time Is great

Ek’owoicho – God’s own

Elgahi – Glory

Emoche – King from birth

Enenche – New day, New blessings

Enokela – Day of reckoning

Ewache – Multitude makes king or ruler

Ichekani – Who knows tomorrow?

Igba – A strong man/ A fighter

Ihotu – Love

Ikwuje – Death knows this

Ikwulonu – Death hurts

Inalegwu – Innocent/ I have been vindicated

Inedu – Home of Peace

Iyowoichofe – God’s has a greater plan

Ngbede – Happiness

Obe – Hardworking

Obekpa – Treasurer

Obiabo – Generous/ Giver

Obogwu – Brave

Obotu – Comforter/ Peace maker

Obute Victory

Ochayi – King of Children/ Pride of the family

Oche/Otse – King

Ochefije – A person is worth more than money.

Ocheje – Only God knows

Ocheme – Last generation of kings

Ochemeyi – King’s child

Ochenehi – Wealthy or rich person

Ocheoho – Unease lies the head that wears the crown

Ochepo – Judge

Ochoche – Faith

Ocho’fiye – God is the greatest

Ochohepo – God is judge

Ochojila – King of the people

Ochojohinu – God knows his own

Ocholoda – God has someting

Ocholofu – God is powerful

Ocholohi – God is good

Ocholuje – Thorny tree

Ocho’oda – God is something

Ochowechi – God is the medicine/ solution

Ochoyama – God is the doer

Ocho’yo – There is God

Ochoyoda – God created things

Ochube – Success story

Odaleko – Everything has it’s time

Odifioyi – There is nothing like a child

Odumu – Hyena

Ogangbo – My gift

Ogbada – Father’s namesake

Ogbole – Leader of family home in the absence of the father

Ogebe – East

Ogejuma – To put to the test

Ogwuche – King’s blessing

Oha – Blessing

Oiwodu – Child is wealth

Ojechema – The one that came to test the world

Ojima – Honour/ Respect

Ojonye – Season for everything

Okoh – Strong man

Okolobia – Young man

Okpe – Eagle vision

Okwo – The pillar

Okwori – Perseverance

Oloche – Family and friends is the real wealth

Olochewoche – One who has family and friends is a king

Olofu – Powerful man

Olotuche – Faithful person

Oloture – Endurance

Omaba – Welcome

Omale – A renowned teacher

Omonu – Son of a King

Ondugbe – God is great

Ondujum – God is enough for me/ God knows me

Onduka – God’s will

Onjefu – Who knows tomorrow?

Onma – Ornament

Onnah – Miracle

Onogwu – War Leader

Onoja – King of the people

Onum – Pursuing me in my innocence is like pursuing shadows

Onyejeche – Who knows the word?

Onyejeno – Who knows tomorrow?

Onye’joci – Who knows tomorrow?

Onyeya – Who is the doer

Onyilo – Great man

Oteikwu – Hunting is deadly

Owoicho – God

Oyale – Victory

Oyigoche – Child of a king


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  1. some of the name I can remember that are not listed are Oono, Adeka, Odaudu, Ediga, Okwoli, Aboje, Okpo, Aloga, Uteji, Okpachu, Igoche, Amedu, Unche, Ojonye, Echechofu, Adogu, Otokpa.

    1. Can you add the meaning to the names you added? I know some names without meanings though 😁
      Ori, Ogba, Orinya, Idoga, Osiroko, Oganya, Egurube, Agaba, Onmonya, Omaya, Oyeje, Eneofu, Okibe, Oyamanu, Otosnu, Ogalegwu, Ameh, Aboh, Igwe, Ogwa, Ogebene, Echo, Ikwebe, Owobi, Omaji, Omanchi, Osikondu, Ogbe, Otsema,Abasi, Otsanya, Ikese, Orokpo, Ebo, Otu, Oyifiada, Ogbu, Obande, Adayi, Ochaba, Okwori, Attah, Esa, Onoja, Oguche, Edugwu, Idu, Oyare,

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