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Vintage Lipton Tea Advert

This is a photo showing an old Lipton tea advert which appeared in Emotan Magazine of Tola Adenle on the 2nd of February, 1980. Then, Lipton tea was sold at the rate of 75kobo.

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Photo credit: The Africa Archive


  1. A real blast from a time that’s not too distant a past, but in more ways than one, is a very distant past: imagine, a packet of classic Lipton Tea for an amount that is no longer legal tender.
    N1.00 – today’s least denomination, cannot buy one of those ubiquitous common candies/sweets, TOM-TOM. It seems the Nigerian currency continues to face so much constant onslaught through the indescribable level of corruption that N100.00 seems to be the equivalence of LESS THAN one old Nigerian kobo of that Lipton Tea add in my old mag. in 82. How? The last time I was in the market about 2 months ago, I noticed EWEDU, a basic veggie, being sold for N100.00/a tiny bunch. I decided to price GBURE/SPINACH, the lowliest of veggies (in price, not in nutrients it packs) which is always about the same price category with EWEDU. Supposedly “lowly” GBURE was priced at the same price.
    How are the majority of Nigerians supposed to even subsist when thousands have INDIVIDUALLY amassed – through theft – hundreds of millions, at the very least and hundreds have amassed billions? What does the stolen hundreds of millions and billions do to prices in the market place?
    Thanks very much for shining light in your own little way to the runaway inflation that is killing – not just metaphorical sense – Nigerians who cannot afford to spare a thousand Naira a month to trear high blood pressure. A standing fan during that same period sold for under N100.00!
    No wonder the Pentecostal church OWNERS (no, Polyanna, from the eponymous movie title in which the sub-teen title character says NOBODY OWNS A CHURCH) are laughing all the way to foreign banks where they are multimillionaires! They are riding roughshod over the masses who, in their misery, believe the various “pastors” have the answer to their suffering and so relieve themselves of the litle they have onto church tills.

    1. You have indeed spoken well ma. You have spoken for almost if not all Nigerians. Even though I was very little back then, I can still remember things, valuable things, the N100 that can’t buy two bunches of ewedu today can do. Only God knows where this country is going to. May God help us. Thank you so much, Mrs. Tola Adenle. It’s really an honour having you on OldNaija. History will never forget you for your immense contribution to it’s preservation. Have a wonderful evening ma.

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