Boundaries/ Borders of Nigeria

Nigerian borders

Below are the main boundaries or borders of the Republic of Nigeria (border lengths included)

* Niger Republic and Chad borders Nigeria in the North ==> Nigeria- Niger border (1,497 km), Nigeria-Chad border (87 km)

* Benin Republic borders Nigeria in the West ==> Nigeria-Benin border (773 km)

* Cameroon borders Nigeria in the East ==> Nigeria-Cameroon border (1690 km)

* The Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean borders Nigeria in the south

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36 thoughts on “Boundaries/ Borders of Nigeria

  1. Can u tell us were the borders are my daughter is doing a project on colonization and she picked nigeria can u guys please tell us were the borders are that will be highly appreciated 😀😀


    1. Hi – I’m struggling on google & yahoo to find the name of border in benin republic side bordering idiroko in Nigeria (which neither google nor yahoo or any other website under stands !!!) – It keeps saysing Porto Novo (which is incorrect)- the name of border in Republic of Benin side adjacent to Nigerian border Idiroko


  2. Wao! Your daughter’s project is going to be really awesome. It’s an interesting aspect!
    Here is what you requested;
    * Nigeria-Niger border:- Birnin Kuka, Katsina State
    * Nigeria-Chad border:- Borno State
    * Nigeria-Benin border:- Seme border, Lagos State
    * Nigeria-Cameroon border:- Cross River State
    * Nigeria-Atlantic:- Niger Delta, Lagos State
    Thanks for your visit, Mr. Salat Carson.


    1. Very good information but Nigeria Cameron border includes cross River, Taraba, Adamawa and Borno state that’s Gwoza and Banki axis.


    1. Joseph I think the writers might not know that. I’ve found their information useful.
      In the North, Cameroun borders Nigeria in Taraba, Adamawa and Borneo states. Over 10 local governments in these states borders Cameroun. Thankyou


  3. pls am doing a project on challenges of cross border human flows on nig nd benin and i.hv less info on that.pls could u help with history of theses borders.tnx


  4. Very well, Prizzy. We can help you with the history of the Nigeria-Benin border.

    Nigeria’s border with Republic of Benin was arbitrarily drawn by France and Britain at latitude 6° 37′ north of the equator and longitude 2° 40′ east of the meridian. (Prescott, 1959). Apart from these geographic lines, the streams and rivers in the area sometimes serve as demarcating features. For example, Yewa River traverses the southwestern border of Idiroko. In many cases, however, rivers are poor demarcating features, as the national boundary along them is supposed to be at the centre of the valley of the river. The similar relief features of this border area (undulating marshy areas with rivers and lagoons) also constitute a difficulty in demarcating the border of the two countries. Two settlements on the southwestern border of Nigeria were chosen to reflect communities on the Nigerian border. These were Idiroko and Ajegunle, both in Ipokia Local Government Area of Ogun State. Ajegunle is an extension of Idiroko, and they are about 10 kilometres apart.

    To supplement the findings on the selected settlements, observations were made of cross-border movement between other twin settlements. These were Aseri- Owode (Nigeria) and Pongidi (Benin) ; and Seme (Nigeria) and Aflan Kou (Benin). These are Nigerian and Benin official border posts south of Idiroko. Historical accounts of Idiroko (Nigeria) and Igolo (Benin) show that before the partitioning of the two countries they were one Yoruba settlement. This settlement was divided by the colonial powers. The British claimed Idiroko, and the French, Igolo. This partition has been a major influence in the individual development of each settlement, and has given rise to a number of differences in their social and economic lives. Idiroko was noted for large-scale migrations in the 17th and 18th centuries. According to oral tradition, its first Yoruba king reigned about the time of De Messe (1752-1757) in Porto Novo. The first group of Yoruba people in the seulement were from Ikoegun (Oyo). As a result, the royal line is known as ‘Iko of Ikolaje’. The area of Idiroko has expanded over the years. The first quarter that was developed was Ikolaje, followed by Eti- Koto, Itaoba, Idiroko, Sale, Kajola and Ajegunle. The first six quarters have merged into one seulement called Idiroko, while Ajegunle has developed as a separate settlement on the outskirts of Idiroko. Recently, new localities in Idiroko have been been developing towards Eti Koto and Bebe, pushing into the forest land. Compared to other border areas of the country, the southwestern border of Nigeria enjoys a relatively new road network, notably, the Lagos-Badagry-Porto Novo all-season road. There is also an expressway from Lagos to Sango-Otta that links Ajegunle and Idiroko and which continues to Igolo in Benin. The well-paved tarmac, however, stops abruptly at the Nigerian end of the expressway. [Open Edition Books]

    We hope this will be of help to your project, Prizzy. Thank you for your visit.


  5. hello, I am writing a term paper on boundaries, issues and management in Nigeria, any information on the boundaries and history of boundaries will be appreciated, thank you, cheers.


  6. Pls I Want To Travel By Road To Lybia And I Need To Cross All This Boundries Pls I Need Your Help To These Various Boundaries E.G Lagos To Kotonu, Kotonu Border To Chad Border


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