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Akede Eko – The Popular Bilingual Newspaper in Nigeria (1927)

Akede Eko Newspaper

Akede Eko was a Nigerian Newspaper founded in 1927 by Isaac Babalola Thomas. Akede Eko Newspaper which translates as Lagos Herald in English language was a bilingual (Yoruba-English) newspaper in the late 1920s.

Its bilingual concept and style brought it into the limelight and it found itself competing with other popular newspapers such as the Nigerian Daily Times, The Lagos Weekly Record, The Pioneer and others.

Isaac Babalola Thomas, founder and editor of Akede Eko, published one of the most popular Yoruba stories titled Itan Igbesi-Aiye Emi Segilola (The Life of Me, ‘Segilola) in the newspaper. The story was later published as a booklet and known to be the first Yoruba novel or arguably the first novel to be written in any Nigerian language.

The story was based on the life and the confession of the sexual escapades of an ageing and retired prostitute named Segiola who has a thousand lovers. The columns of the newspaper were also filled with letters written to the editor and articles appealing to the elites and notable politicians in Lagos.

Isaac Babalola Thomas
Isaac Babalola Thomas

The three pence newspaper, Akede Eko, was known to have fought for the rights of the masses and the less privileged ones in the society.

Here is the mission statement of the newspaper: Lati Kede Anu Fun Awon Otosi Ati Meekunu Ati Lati Gba Awon Ojiya Enia Kuro Lowo Idamu Awon Alagbara (To Seek Help For The Poor And Masses And To Free The Oppressed From The Oppression Of The Powerful Ones).

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