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In the 70s, lifestyle in Ibadan, the present Capital of Oyo State, was full of social activities. Hardly would you walk from one street to another without seeing canopies hung above party fellas, eating, drinking and dancing to the songs of their popular musicians, the likes of Sunny Ade, Sonny Okosun, Ebenezer Obey, Fela Kuti and so on.
Every district booms with music from speakers, noises from engines and pedestrians, including the owners of the streets, the hawkers. “Ibadan was never silent for once, even till midnight everywhere was always still rocking” Mr. Bade Osoba whom OldNaija interviewed said. You’ll find almost every tribe in this lively city simply because they are glued to its way and life in every aspect. The emergence of the “Afro beat” by the popular musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, added to the liveliness of the city with the people rocking clubs and shows to see the live performance of the musician pro. FelaThere are lots of tourist and recreational centers to visit too e.g. Bowers Tower, Queen Cinema, Zoological garden, different night clubs and so on, this makes foreign visitors storm Ibadan. The tallest building in tropical Africa (Cocoa House) also added to the flow of tourist to this wonderful city.
Ibadan was also not left out in fashion, when it comes to fashion; everybody partakes in it because nobody wants to be referred to as “anti-fashion”. Those Lads and Lass would be seen with their bushy hairs adorned with a parting called Afro, and then unbuttoned their shirt to the chest and to kill the show, they’ll put on the curved mouth shoe popularly known as “I swear to God”.
Between the late 70s and early 80s, another club banger song titled “Baby Kilode” by Dizzy K Falola sent the people of Ibadan dancing wild on the streets and clubs. The Ibadan life will remain incomplete without mentioning the song (Baby Kilode- 1983) that woke the spirit of Michael Jackson in the people of Ibadan.

According to the popular belief of the people, “Ibadan is very quiet contrary to Lagos, but still bubbles a lot.

History of Ibadan


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