How Does Crypto Make You Money?

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Cryptocurrency has captured the world’s attention over the last decade. But the question remains: how can you actually make money with crypto?

This article cuts through the noise and explores various practical methods for turning your crypto holdings into real, spendable cash.

Common Ways to Make Money from Crypto

There are several ways to earn real income from cryptocurrency. Here are some of the most common and accessible methods:

1. Buying and Holding: Investors buy coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and wait for their value to rise, then sell at a profit. This is very common in Nigeria, allowing investors to earn in dollars.

2. Mining: This is a process that some cryptocurrencies use to make new coins and verify transactions in the blockchain. Usually, the cycle starts with the miners trying their best to verify a chain of transactions and adding that to the blockchain, after which the fastest miners to do so get rewarded with a percentage of the coins for maintaining the blockchain.

3. Investing: You can invest in individual coins or cryptocurrency index funds to diversify your portfolio and potentially earn from price appreciation—some cryptos reward holders for locking their coins, similar to making interest on a savings account.

4. Lending Cryptocurrency: lending involves lending your cryptocurrency to someone else in exchange for interest.

5. Selling: If you need some instant cash or want to cash out on your crypto profit, selling is a good option. You can turn your crypto into Naira within minutes on the Innixx app.

The Secure Way to Sell Your Crypto

The Innixx app is an easy avenue for selling cryptocurrencies, making it easier and faster for users to monitor live rates and sell anytime. Innixx provides a secure and user-friendly platform for crypto enthusiasts looking to convert their crypto assets into instant cash in Nigerian Naira.

Want to make money from your crypto sales? Sign up for free on Innixx today and sell your crypto for premium rates. You can do so easily by downloading the Innixx app on Android or iOS mobile devices.

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