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Download Orere Elejigbo – Lijadu Sisters

Download Orere Elejigbo - Lijadu Sisters

If you are looking for where to stream and download Orere Elejigbo by Lijadu Sisters (Mp3), you are in the right place. Orere Elejigbo is included in the Lijadu Sisters’ album titled Horizon Unlimited which was released in 1979.

Taiwo and Kehinde Lijadu, popularly known as the Lijadu Sisters, were identical twin sisters and musical duo who reigned from the mid-1960s to the 1980s. Their music gained success in Nigeria and had modest influence in the United States and Europe. They are cousins to Fela Kuti through their father.

Taiwo and Kehinde enjoyed singing from an early age, encouraged by their mother, Adelaide Efunyemi Lijadu, who bought them records by a wide range of local and overseas artists such as Aretha Franklin, Miriam Makeba and Ray Charles.

Download Orere Elejigbo by Lijadu Sisters

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