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Stream and Download Afro Juju by Sir Shina Peters

Download Afro Juju by Sir Shina Peters

Want to download Afro Juju by sir Shina Peters? You’re in the right place. Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars released their first album Ace (Afro Juju Series 1) in 1989. The album which was released under CBS Records of Nigeria was widely listened to.

Stream and download Afro Juju by Sir Shina Peters.

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Ace, produced by Laolu Akins, is a musical fusion between Juju and Afrobeat. Afro juju musical style mixes fast percussive beat with the use of electronic keyboards, saxophone and guitar. Some of the lyrics in the album especially in ‘Ijo Shina’ were quite racy for the period. T

he album went on to garner awards for Peters including the artist and album of the Year at the Nigerian Musical Awards.

He followed ‘Ace’ with ‘Shinamania’; the album had singles such as ‘Oluwa Yo Pese’, ‘Omo Bo’ and ‘Give Our Women Chance’. Sir Shina Peters currently has 16 album releases to his credit.

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  1. I really appreciate your efforts to gather all the old-school songs here.
    You’re great.
    God bless you abundantly 🙏

  2. i commend the efforts and resilence to provide the songs while ensuring the new generation have a feel of what the old school music is. You are indeed a a rare gem. warmly appreciated. Thanks

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