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Oriki Ibadan (Eulogy Of Ibadan)

Oriki Ibadan

The Yoruba people of Western Nigeria are known for their beautiful and amazing customs and traditions of which the art of oriki (eulogy or praise poetry) is among. The people of Ibadan, in particular, have rich history and cultures that make them one of the most popular tribes in Yoruba land and Nigeria. Below is the oriki of Ibadan. Enjoy!

Oriki Ibadan

Ibadan mesi Ogo, nile Oluyole.
Ilu Ogunmola, olodogbo keri loju ogun.
Ilu Ibikunle alagbala jaya-jaya.
Ilu Ajayi, o gbori Efon se filafila.
Ilu Latosa, Aare-ona kakanfo.

Ibadan Omo ajoro sun,
Omo a je Igbin yoo, fi ikarahun fo ri mu.
Ibadan maja-maja bii tojo kin-in-ni,
eyi too ja aladuugbo gbogbo logun,
Ibadan ki ba ni s’ore ai mu ni lo s’ogun.
Ibadan Kure! Ibadan beere ki o too wo o,
Ni bi olè gbe n jare olohun.

B’Ibadan ti n gbonile bee lo n gba Ajoji;
Eleyele lomi ti teru-tomo ‘Layipo n mu,
Asejire lomi abumu-buwe nile Ibadan.
A ki waye ka maa larun kan lara,
Ija igboro larun Ibadan.

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Ibadan kini so? We hope you enjoyed the oriki Ibadan. If yes, kindly drop a comment below. You can also rep your agbole in Ibadan.

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  1. Eeeermm… You should have interpreted it, for people who can’t read Yoruba. Sure, some of the literary devices would be missing, but at least, one would still get the gist.

      1. Which Eulogy is this then ..
        omo abunba bi ogidan
        Omo ekun sin ororo
        Omo lade lade
        Omo loye loye

        Find out pls and let me know

  2. This awakes the knowledge of every citizenary, it add more value to our subject culture. also, this is okay, expecting much of this.
    thanks to everyone on this page💯

  3. infact I’m so excited with this,it’s fantastic in readings,I’ll like to see more and more of this on this page,the publisher kudos to you.

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