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Download Baby Kilode by Dizzy K Falola (1983)

Download Baby Kilode by Dizzy K Falola (1983)

If you are looking for where to download Baby Kilode by Dizzy K Falola, you have come to the right place.

Baby Kilode which translates as Baby what is wrong, was a popular Nigerian pop song back in the 80s. The song was composed and sang by the Falsetto King, Dizzy K Falola (born Kunle Falola).

The heavy disco song was released in 1983 and included in the album “Be My Friend”. Dizzy K Falola was known to have taken after the style of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in his music career.

Dizzy K Falola sang many other songs such as Excuse Me Baby, Take It To The DJ, Be My Friend, but Baby Kilode remains his biggest hit.

Download Baby Kilode by Dizzy K Falola

Download Baby Kilode Audio Here

The song sent Nigerians dancing wild on the streets, in clubs, parties and musical concerts throughout the 1980s in Nigeria.

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