Adubi War, Abeokuta 1918

Adubi War

The Adubi war, also known as “Ogun Adubi” and sometimes reffered to as the Egba Uprising, was a war that took place between June and August, 1918 as a result of the taxation system introduced by the British colonial government in Abeokuta, the present capital of Ogun State, Nigeria.
More than thirty thousand (30,000) Egba fighters picked up arms and went to war against the colonial government officials in Abeokuta, destroying many railway and telegraph lines in the southern part of Abeokuta. An European trading agent and a high Egba chief were killed in the war.
The war was mainly caused by the introduction of the direct taxation system on the Egba people, and also the cancellation of Abeokuta’s independence in the year 1918.

Ogun Adubi



A song which was sung during the Adubi War has been rendered popular by its regular and frequent use. Here goes the song:

Bi e ba n gbo gbagada gbagada (band repeats) Bi e ba n gbo gbogodo gbogodo (band repeats) E ma ya s’otun, e ma ya s’osi (band repeats) Ile olowo n’oro ngba lo (band repeats) Ogun adubi s’oju re ja (band repeats) Ogun adubi le lopo lopo (band repeats) Iwo nikan n’odagba shoja mefa (band repeats) Oro o wo mo, o pada seyin (band repeats) Opada s’eyin, o wa n fi ewe bora (band repeats) Iya re nke lo bi ewure (band repeats) Baba re nke lo bi aparo (band repeats) Iwona n be lo bi igala (band repeats) Omi ireke l’en bu sebe (band repeats) L’en bu sebe, l’etun fin r’omo (band repeats) O o o oya o, eni omo wu, oya kalo o (band repeats) Oya o o, eni omo wu, oya kalo eh (band repeats) Oya o o, eni omo wu, oya kalo eh eh eh eh (band repeats) Oya o o, eni omo wu, oya kalo eh eh ye eh (band repeats)

The Adubi war can never be forgotten in the history of the Egba people.

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