How to develop self-discipline and willpower

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Self-discipline and willpower: that’s really important! You want to do a lot in life though some small issues take all your attention and time. Learn how to develop your willpower and realize all your intentions!

How to develop self-discipline and willpower

There are many definitions for willpower, but here is one of them. Willpower is a person’s ability to translate his or her intentions into reality, using intelligent planning, in spite of momentary weaknesses and habits. So how you can improve your willpower and why it is so important to do this?

Why willpower is important?

For example, you decided to lose weight. You have an intention (to eat less and exercise more), as obviously you want to live longer and lead a healthier lifestyle.

The habit of eating too much indulges your weaknesses, and positive emotions that you receive when you eat oppose this intention. It depends on your strength of will whether you will neglect your immediate desires to achieve your final goal, whether you will lose weight and become healthy. It’s a fight of your mind with your body.

The stronger your willpower is, the better it will help you in achieving your goals. If your will is weaker, it will be more difficult to resist weaknesses and useless habits.

No willpower – no freedom

If you have a weak willpower, you risk falling into the eternal slavery of your body and habits. You just don’t choose anymore.
If your body wants that you sleep until noon and your will is weak, you will sleep, even if you have to work or to study. If you received an order to eat from your body and you can’t fight it, you can devour one more sandwich, even if your backside doesn’t fit into the elevator.
A person like this can perfectly understand their problems and how it can end. Maybe people like these want to get rid of their unhealthy habits, live a different life, be free from petty desires, but do nothing. They can’t say to the desires they don’t want in their life: “No, from now it’s me who decides what to do, you don’t have power over me!”.

Organize your day

Get up early

Don’t be lazy and sleep until noon. It is way better if you awake every morning at the same hour. Your day begins when you are get up, and if you begin it lazy, then later it will be much more difficult to force yourself to do what you have to do.

But if you force yourself to rise, even when your body resists, you train your willpower. Like this, you will be more productive this day.
Follow your plans

Accustom yourself to follow your plans. Set yourself tasks for a day, a week, a month, a year and follow them. For example: write today a few pages of your assignment, read books every day, clean your room, etc.
So that you don’t get tempted to invent a reason not to do something, make yourself a rule that all your tasks must still be done and your plans should not be self-sabotaged.

Don’t postpone things

If you don’t have any objective reasons not to do what you planned and promised yourself to achieve, just do it. Never mind your laziness – fulfill the promise anyway, learn to step over your “I don’t want to.” Train your strong will “muscle”.

It is better to do something while you have an opportunity now. Who knows what will happen next? We don’t know what will happen in future. Suddenly, there can be many assignments at once, and what if you don’t have time at all? In this case only paper writing services can save you. But if you write everything before your deadline, life turns out to be much easier and the load of unfinished business doesn’t put pressure on you.

Do less useless things

Limit the time you spend for meaningless, stupid activities, like watching TV shows or spending time on social media. Read more educational books, spend time outdoors. Develop yourself, improve your abilities, study something new – there is always something useful you can do.

Willpower protects you from becoming extremely lazy and ruining your life. Every day hundreds of lazy thoughts attack you: “sleep five minutes more”, “you can do it later”, “you can’t do it, it’s very hard”, “my assignment won’t disappear, I can have some rest now”, etc. But if you don’t pay attention to them and continue working on yourself, you will succeed for sure.


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