Execution of General I.D Bisalla and other Feb. 1976 coup plotters (with photos)

General Bisalla being tied to the stake
General Bisalla being tied to the stake

General Iliya D. Bisalla was executed along 30 other officers on March 11, 1976 for being involved in the February 13, 1976 abortive coup in which General Ramat Muhammed Murtala was killed. They were executed at the Kirikiri prison shooting range. General I.D Bisalla allegedly claimed that he was innocent and so he needed no priest for prayers because he believe he will make heaven.
See more photos and the list of officers executed below

General Bisalla being led to the stake
General Bisalla being led to the stake
List of executed officers

1. Major I. D Bisalla
2. Warrant Officer II Monday Monchon
3. Captain J. F. Idi
4. Lieutenant Colonel A. R Aliyu
5. Captain M. Parvwong
6. Staff Sergeant Richard Dungdang
7. Sergeant Sale Pankshim
8. Colonel A. D. S. Way

At the stakes
At the stakes

9. Lieutenant Colonel T. K. Adamu
10. Lieutenant A. B. Umaru
11. Captain A. A. Aliyu
12. Captain S. Wakins
13. Lieutenant Mohammed
14. Lieutenant E. L. K Shelleng
15. Lieutenant Colonel Ayuba Tense
16. Captain Augustine Dawurang
17. Major M. M. Mshelia
18. Lieutenant William Serin
19. Major I. B. Ribo
20. Major K. K. Gagra
21. Captain M. R. Gelip

1976 coup plotters
22. Mr. Abubakar Zakari
23. Lieutenant Peter Ggani
24. Warrant officer Emmanuel Dakup Seri
25. Major J. W. Kasai
26. Sergeant Bala Javan
27. Warrant officer II Sambo Dankshin
28. Major Ola Ogunmekan
29. Lieutenant O. Zagni
30. Lieutenant S. Wayah
31. Sergeant Ahmadu Rege

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