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We would be surprised and at the same time disappointed to hear a Nigerian secondary school student say Nigeria became independent in 1958 and Dubar festival is celebrated in the western part of Nigeria! Taking a deep look, a question shall arise, “is it the student’s fault?” “Are the teachers to be blamed?” “Is the problem lying with the government?” In a bid to get rid of these rethorical questions, OldNaija sprang up, fully pledging to tackle the ignorance of our history, culture and current affairs prevailing in our society.

OldNaija is Nigeria’s number one history, culture and current affairs website, which has the aims of creating history, culture and current affairs awareness among Nigerians, and to provide a platform suitable for research, learning and fun. OldNaija go beyond the limits to unveil important historical and cultural events in Nigeria for the benefit our distinguished readers which comprises students, historians, archaeologists, researchers, tourists and so on.
OldNaija has different categories specifically created to meet the needs of her readers. For example, students of various levels can make use of the “Government Studies” category to solve their assignments, read, make researches, and prepare for examinations as well. The “Tourism” category is also available for tourists and holiday makers around the globe to discover, navigate and know more about tourist attractions in Nigeria.

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* Preserving the history and cultures of a nation for coming generations is the responsibility of her sons and daughters.

* A dark past blurs a future.

* Teach your children history, so that it won’t murmur into their impatient ears.

* Knowing the past is the golden key to the future.

* If you don’t know where you are coming from, you won’t know where you are going.

– Teslim Omipidan Opemipo

Our goal is to make sure that our readers are well updated regularly.


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Omipidan Teslim Opemipo

Omipidan Teslim

I’m a Nigerian journalist, historian, poet and writer that sees pleasure roaming on the path of Nigerian history, culture and literature. I love to savor the taste of any work that passes the message of our society. I believe there are words in my mouth and ink on my hands that makes me who I am.