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Download Best of Oriental Brothers Mixtape (Side 1)

Download Best of Oriental Brothers Mixtape

If you are looking for where to download Best of Oriental Brothers mixtape, you have come to the right place.

The Oriental Brothers, a popular Igbo highlife band with roots in Owerri, was one of the most successful bands in Nigeria in the 70s. They are well known for their distinct instrumentals and powerful proverbial lyrics.

The Original Oriental Brothers International band consisted of five members ­— Godwin “Kabaka” Opara who was the band leader, Chief Christogonus “Dr. Sir Warrior” Ezewuiro Obinna, Ferdinand “DanSatch” Chukwuemeka Opara, Livinus “Akwela” Alaribe and Fred “Ichita” Ahumaraeze who was the drummer.

Their songs are more than just music. According to a Nigerian magazine, the Oriental Brothers played a spiritual role in keeping many Igbo people sane after the devastating Nigerian-Biafran civil war. “They were the pride of a people traumatized by a war so vicious.”

Below you can download the best of Oriental Brothers mixtape mp3.

Download Best of Oriental Brothers Mixtape (Side 1)


  • Uwa-Atualamujo
  • Uwa Ewe Nmete
  • Onwetaran Nye Ibe Ya
  • Onye Nmadu Eji Egbuya



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