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Download Odun Nlo Sopin – Mrs D.A. Fasoyin & CAC Good Women

Download Odun Nlo Sopin

If you are looking for where to download Odun Nlo Sopin by CAC Good Women led by Mrs D.A. Fasoyin, you have come to the right place.

Odun Nlo Sopin was recorded and released in 1979. It is a song filled with prayers to God for protection towards the end of the year and good tidings in the new coming year. Ever since its release, it has become a norm to play the song during Ember Months and Christmas.

Mrs Deborah Adebola Fasoyin is the leader of the renowned Good Women Choir which has been in existence for over 40 years. Below, you can download Odun Nlo Sopin Mp3 and as well read the lyrics.

Download Odun Nlo Sopin – CAC Good Women

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Odun lo sopin o (This year is coming to an end)
Baba rere (Good God)
Baba Ma somi o (Oh Lord guide us)
Tomotomo (And our children)
Ohun ti o pa mi lekun o (Sorrow and sadness)
Lodun titun (In the new year)
Ma je ko sele simi o Baba rere (Will not be our portion good God)

Ma je nwo leri sokun (May I not weep)
Ma je n daso ofo bora (May I not mourn)
Ogun roju je roju mu (Struggle and Lack)
Mama je ko je ti temi (May it not be my portion I pray thee)
Alafia pipe ni mo fe, fi ta mi rore (Perfect peace I desire)
Je n ri na, Jen rilo (I pray for abundance)
Baba wa se mi logo (Lord shower your glory on me)
Ma je kawo na (May I not lack)
Ma je ntaraka lodun titun (May I not wander in the new year)

Dabo Olorun mi dabo (My Lord hear my plea)
Ma maje ko fi ire temi sapinle (My blessing will not be taken away)
Ma maje ko ro mi ja sofo lodo re (May my prayers to you not be in vain)
Dabo Olorun mi dabo (My Lord hear my plea)

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