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Old Indomie Noodles Advert (Video)

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Nigeria Playing in the 1980 Africa Cup Of Nations (Video)

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Courtesy: Nigeria History Channel 

Baby Kilode By Dizzy K Falola (1983)

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Baby Kilode (Baby, what is wrong) is a popular Nigerian pop song sang in the 80s by the Falsetto King, Dizzy K Falola born Kunle Falola. The heavy disco song was released in 1983 and included in the album “Be My Friend”. Dizzy K Falola was known to have taken after the style of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in his music career. Dizzy K Falola sang many other songs such as Excuse Me Baby, Take It To The DJ, Be My Friend, but Baby Kilode still remain his biggest hit. The song sent people dancing wild on the streets, in clubs, parties and musical concerts throughout the 1980s in Nigeria.