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Old Nollywood Movie: Stream and Download Osuofia In London

Watch and download Osuofia in London

If you are looking for where to stream and download Osuofia In London, you have come to the right place. Osuofia in London is a Nigerian comedy film produced and directed in 2003 by Kingsley Ogoro and starring Nkem Owoh.

This movie is one of the highest-selling Nollywood movies in the history of Nollywood. Before you watch or download Osuofia in London, you might want to read the synopsis below.


‘Osuofia in London’ offers a variation on an old story: a country bumpkin comes to town, where city slickers try — and ultimately fail — to take advantage of him and steal his money.

Osuofia lives in a village in south-eastern Nigeria where he talks a lot and drinks a lot of palm wine. His main occupation is hunting and he is spectacularly unsuccessful. He is hounded by his creditors and troubled by his wife and five grown-up daughters.

Then one day a lawyer’s letter arrives to tell him that a long-forgotten brother has died in Britain, leaving him all his money. Osuofia then has to go to London to claim his inheritance.

This allows the director to have a lot of fun as Osuofia comes face to face with modern plumbing, a full English breakfast, a butler called Jeeves and a park full of pigeons, which finally arouse his hunter’s instincts.

Meanwhile, the crooked lawyer and his glamorous accomplice Samantha (a flame-haired temptress with a disconcerting resemblance to the young Rebecca Brooks) are working to get him to sign away his inheritance. But the thieves fall out and Osuofia makes it back to Nigeria with his fortune intact but accompanied by the predatory Samantha, her eyes still firmly on his chequebook.

All of which sets things up nicely for a sequel, as Samantha battles with the challenges of life in an African village, and the implacable hostility of the first Mrs. Osuofia.

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