Observing June 12: What Should We Remember Or Commemorate?

June 12 1993 Presidential Election

Besides October 1, 1960 and January 15, 1966, June 12, 1993 is another date that has shambled into the memories of Nigeria’s history. Looking back through the lens of history and time, June 12, 1993 was that day in Nigeria when heaven tore and rained ugly angels; that day democracy was murdered in hot blood; that day the freest and fairest election in Nigeria was annulled to keep the mantle in the hands of those, in other words, puppets, THEY can control. On June 12, 1993, the most gargantuan lie ever in Nigeria was told; that day, Beelzebub was glad his sons were walking his path. He was indeed happy!


Fast forward to June 12, 2017, it is no news that some states in Nigeria declared June 12 as a public holiday to commemorate the annulled election of June 12, 1993. For a nation that has refused to teach her children her history, what does she want them to commemorate? That the annulment of the 1993 election was a good idea? Or a destructive one? That power is not meant to leave the yards of those that had been given?


Flashback to the election day in 1993, the whole of Nigeria trooped out en mase to exercise their electoral right. Out of a total of 14,293,396 votes, M.K.O Abiola of Social Democratic Party (SDP) had 8,341,309 (58.36%) while Bashiru Tofa of National Republican Convention (NRC) pulled 5,952,087 (41.64%). If this result is presented before a 4-year-old child, he surely will identify the winner, correctly. Everybody knew that! So there was no way of politricking! No way of playing political shenanigans! Alas, there was! The election was annulled! President Ibrahim Babangida in his annulment speech said: “There were allegations of irregularities and other acts of bad conduct leveled against the presidential candidates but NEC went ahead and cleared them. There were proofs as well as documented evidence of widespread use of money during the party primaries as well as the presidential election. These were the same bad conduct for which the party presidential primaries of 1992 were cancelled. Evidence available to government put the total amount of money spent by the presidential candidates at over two billion, one hundred million naira.


A question worth asking is, weren’t all these known before the election was conducted. Didn’t he who had the power to annul an election have the power to stop it from being conducted?


On every June 12 in Nigeria, what is worth remembering is the death of democracy and crucifixion of justice in Nigeria!


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