Top 5 Places To Spend And Enjoy Your Day In Ibadan

Were you told that the social life of Ibadan, the third largest city in Africa, is boring and unexciting?! If yes, you have been told a hell of a lie! If you have been pondering lately on places you can visit in Ibadan to catch a lot of fun and have a nice time either with your family, friends or just you alone, no doubt, this article is for you! Below is a compilation of top 5 places you can spend and enjoy your day in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State.

Heritage Mall, Dugbe, Ibadan
Heritage Mall | National Daily

1. Heritage Mall, Dugbe– This big, beautiful and spellbinding mall is one of the most visited places in Ibadan. Located in Dugbe, the heartbeat of Ibadan, Heritage Mall can boast of shops that hold almost everything a visitor might need ranging from mobile products to writing materials. The three-storey mall also houses FilmHouse cinema, Shoprite (Africa’s leading retailer), Mr Price, a food court with three outlets of eateries, a painting shop, an exquisite club and escalators that connect the three floors of the mall. The cinema offers movies at N500 on weekdays till 6pm while on weekends, it’s N1000 for a movie. Don’t you think Heritage Mall is a wonderful place to visit?


Agodi Gardens Picture
Agodi Gardens

2. Agodi Gardens, Agodi– Agodi gardens is situated near the Oyo State Secretariat Complex, Agodi, Ibadan. The garden has an outstanding outlook of a real tourist centre blended with nature. Tourist attractions and facilities such as a playground for children, waterpark and animal enclosure, a top class restaurant are enclosed in the garden. The entry fee to Agodi Gardens is just N500. This is really an ideal place for you to enjoy your day with friends and family.


University of Ibadan Zoological Garden
U.I Zoological Garden | Ventures Africa

3. U.I Zoological Garden, University of Ibadan– With an entry fee of just N300, you can have access to the beautiful and serene environment of the University of Ibadan Zoological garden which houses different kinds and species of animals like warthog, lion, giraffe, hyena, gazelle, ostrich, chimpanzee, baboon, tortoise, flamingo, gorilla, crocodile and so on. There is a reptile section too where different kinds of snakes, monitor lizards and other reptiles are kept with proper label. The Zoo is open 7 days a week at 8:00am to 8:30pm daily. There are also shops around the zoo premises that offer delicious foods and snacks.


National Museum of Unity, Ibadan
National Museum of Unity | AfroTourism

4. National Museum of Unity, Aleshinloye– The National Museum of Unity, located in Aleshinloye, is another place you can make your day come alive in Ibadan. The museum which has four galleries (the Unity Gallery, Masquerade Gallery, Pottery Gallery and Yoruba Gallery) exhibits different archaeological excavations and artifacts, pictures and many more materials that reflect the cultural heritage of the Yoruba people and other tribes in Nigeria. The operating hours of the National Museum of Unity is 9am-4pm everyday.


Ventura Mall, Samonda, Ibadan
Ventura Mall | AfroTourism

5. Ventura Mall, Samonda– The last but not the least on the list is Ventura Mall, located along Sango-U.I. Road, Samonda, Ibadan. Though Ventura mall is not as big as Palms and Heritage malls, it still offers fun seekers and lovers a lot of fun experiences which include different kinds of art games ranging from bowling to video games. Ventura Mall harbors the largest Film House in Ibadan which shows latest movies at affordable prices. Food courts that serve both local and international cuisines and snacks, stores selling varieties of products and services are also seated in the Mall. Ventura Mall is such a wonderful place that triggers the day to life!

Dear readers, what do you think about the list? If you enjoy reading, kindly share and drop your thoughts in the comment box below. And also feel free to add other places you know people can have fun in Ibadan. Thanks.


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