List Of Radio Stations In Oyo State (With Frequencies And Location)

Radio Stations in Nigeria

Below is the list of Radio stations in Oyo State and her capital, Ibadan. Frequencies and location included.

  • 89.1 – Lead City University Campus Radio FM, Ibadan – Lagos Toll Gate, Ibadan
  • 90.1 – Space FM, 136, Liberty Road, Ibadan (1st Trilingual Radio Station in Nigeria)
  • 91.5 – Star FM, Secretariat, Ibadan
  • 92.1 – Ajilete FM, Gambari, Ogbomoso
  • 92.5 – Impact Business Radio, Akobo, Ibadan (Nigeria’s first Business Radio)
  • 92.9 – Royal Root FM, Jericho Area, Ibadan
  • 93.5 – Premier FM (FRCN), Dugbe, Ibadan

  • 95.1 – Raypower FM, Cocoa house Dugbe Ibadan
  • 96.3 – Oke-Ogun FM, Alaga
  • 96.3 – Lagelu FM ( also of Splash FM)
  • 97.9 – Beat FM, Bodija, Ibadan
  • 100.1 – Jamz FM, Lagelu Estate, Felele Area, Ibadan
  • 101.1- Parrot FM, Ogbomosho
  • 98.5 – Oluyole FM, Old Ife Road, Ibadan
  • 99.1 – Amuludun FM, Moniya, Ibadan
  • 101.1 – Diamond FM, University of Ibadan, Ibadan
  • 105.5 – Splash FM, Felele, Ibadan
  • 100.5 – Inspiration FM
  • 102.3 – Petals FM, Old Bodija, Ibadan
  • 102.7 – Naija FM, Bodija, Ibadan
  • 105.9 – Fresh FM, Ibadan
  • 106.3 – Lead Radio, Ibadan.
  • 756 kHz – Radio O.Y.O Ile-Akade Orita Bashorun (Radio AM)

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Picture Credit: Daily Africa Gist


31 thoughts on “List Of Radio Stations In Oyo State (With Frequencies And Location)

  1. this is very good thanks for the info most times i just scanned through the stations but now i can paste their names thanks


  2. Thanks for making the list available to the public.
    However, I observe that 2 stations are on 96.3, which one is authentic?


    1. the 2 are authentic.1st one is in Alaga Oke-ogun area of Oyo state,that is Oke-ogun fm.the 2nd one is in the city of ibadan.even there is one in Iwo.Osun state called Reality radio-vision its on 96.3 fquenc as well

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  3. Thanks for compiling this list available to the public.its has make it easy for assessing and for general public to know the radio station available in their area. God bless you for the work well done.


    1. you welcome bro.please i can know when any of any of these radio stations are recruiting. Thanks and God bless you


  4. Thanks for good work of information,I will like you to include there phone number for those that want to contribute to the program,but absent by the time they call number out.

    Liked by 1 person

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