Obudu Cattle Ranch/ Mountain Resort

Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu Cattle Ranch/ Mountain Resort is located in Cross River state, along the Nigeria-Cameroon border in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. The ranch has a lot of tall and wonderful mountains laden with green vegetation which gives it the picture of a country side. The climatic condition of the Obudu ranch is the normal temperature an area with mountains should have.

Obudu Mountain Resort

However, the Obudu Cattle Ranch suffered some periods of neglect by the the Cross-River State government, but has recently been retouched back to its glory. The Cross-River State government installed a lot of tourist facilities which made the ranch look more beautiful and welcoming, thus attracting more tourists from different parts of Nigeria and the globe. Obudu cattle ranch has a natural swimming pool where tourists can have a cool swim, an amazing waterfall, a gorilla camp, a cable car from the base of the plateau to the top, and a lot of tourist accommodation facilities.
Obudu Ranch

Obudu Mountain Resort is currently one of the leading tourist destinations in Nigeria.


Photo Credit:

* Jumia Travles

* Hotels(.)ng



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