Okomu National Park, Edo state

Okomu National Park

Okomu National Park, formally known as Okomu Widelife Sanctuary, is located in Ovia South-West Local government area of Edo State, Nigeria. The Park is the smallest of the seven national parks in Nigeria. The Okomu National Park serves as a good and suitable habitat for many endangered flora and fauna species.

In 1987, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) took over the management of the park. The NCF carried out different measures to help the inhabitant of the park’s environment find alternative means of livelihood rather than hunting the animals down. Later in May 1999, the park was taken over by the National Park Service. After this take over, the National Parks Board subsequently began its rehabilitation. The road leading to the park was re-constructed, the buildings were renovated and other facilities including vehicles were provided.

The park was made available to tourists from different parts of the globe. The Okomu National Park has two tree houses. One was built in a silk-cotton tree where tourists can have a good look at the Park’s landscape. There are also guides who accompany visitors and show them notable things in the park.

Okomu National Park

The Okomu National Park serves as a home to different animals like African forest elephant, African Buffalo, Chimpanzees, Dwarf crocodiles, Mona monkey, Warthog and lots more. The park is also an abode to over 150 species of birds like grey hornbill, fish eagle, Angolan putta and so on.

The Okomu National Park is a place nature admires must visit in their lifetime.


Image Credit:
* http://www.propertieswatch.com.ng


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