Gurara Waterfalls, Niger State

Gurara falls

Gurara Waterfalls, in Gurara, Niger State, in the north-central region of Nigeria, is a natural fall which has the power to spell bound visitors with its irresistible beauty.
The Gurara waterfalls which lies on the Gurara river is about 98ft in length and 656ft in width. The best season to view the Gurara waterfalls is during the rainy season when the waters will be full to its limits. During the dry seasons, the water level become so low but still provide a limpid pool at the base of the fall.

Gurara waterfalls

According to oral history, the Gurara Waterfalls was discovered in 1745 by Buba, a local hunter from the Gwari tribe, and later did some European explorers also discovered it in 1925 and made it a recreational centre.

The Gurara Waterfalls is a home to various species of birds. The Gurara natives worship the waterfall till today for they believe it brings good fortune and luck on them.

The Niger State government is recently planning to turn the Gurara falls into a resort and lavish it with modern tourist facilities.


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