The plane thet first flew over Lagos

The First Aeroplane Seen Flying Over Lagos- May 30 1926

The plane thet first flew over Lagos

On the 30th of May, 1926, a French aeroplane was seen flying over the city of Lagos. It was a sunny Sunday  afternoon, the pilot was one Mr M. Landrich who had a passenger on board. The aeroplane took off at Elizabeth Vile, in the Congo and landed at Duala with the intention of flying directly to Cotonou which is a distance of about 500 miles.
However, the plane (AVRO 504) was forced to land at Nora Beach, Opobo, due to shortage of fuel. The local merchants in the area instantly supplied some liters of fuel to the plane which later headed to Warri.

The plane was expected to fly over Lagos between 11 and 12 o ‘clock but probably due to weather trouble, the plane was not in sight till about 5:20 p.m. The plane flew over the Race Course (now Tafawa Balewa Square) along the Marina at about 1000 feet altitude. The people present around the area have the opportunity of seeing the plane as it flew towards Cotonou where it will later fly to Dakar, Senegal.


facsimile of daily times reporting the plane that first flew over Lagos

Two days later, The Nigerian Daily Times was launched and the incident was one of the first issues of the Newspaper. The paper said triumphantly: ” This is the first occasion in which an aeroplane has been seen in Lagos and it is remarkable that the first appearance of a flying machine in Lagos should almost synchronize with the first issue of the Nigerian Daily Times.

The Story of the Daily Times 1826-1976; The Daily Times of Nigeria Ltd.


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